Who can apply

Any migrant company, maximum 3 years old, with business in any area of operation. (Certain participants in a recognized Startup programs may also benefit from the program). Ability to dedicate a total of 12 hours of time. Other criteria’s being: company registered in Vienna & available Vienna Chamber of Commerce Consulting hours.


How can you apply?

Please email a selfie video pitch of 30 seconds or a Short Writeup, telling us who you are, what your business is, what issue you want solved including ideal profile / expertise of consultant and why should you participate. Please also provide contact details!

Short Writeup:

Name of Company, Vienna Chamber of Commerce Membership number, Type of Business / Industry, Contact details including Telephone number, Brief description of issues to be resolved!


Next Steps 

(After submission of Formless Aplication).

If selected, you will be matched with a Management Consultant.
Therafter, you will be asked to fill in Vienna Chamber of Commerce - WKW Funding Application Form.
Team ImmiCo will explain any other administrative steps.
You will get operational support through our partner INDI.
You will appear on following Get Together Event to present your findings - PPP.
After 2+10 = 12 hours of consulting, you will be invoiced. The first time at end of 2 hours and then after next 10 hours, which you will pay and will get refunded by submitting required to WKW.
You have a choice to continue consulting and / or get further operational support at mutually agreed terms.
(For actual process, please refer to WKW website; this is just an informal summary information).

Over next months, you will work One on One with consultant - working language German or English.

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