Cafe ImmiCo is an Acceleration Program which helps young (1-3 year old) Migrant owned businesses, overcome issues which are commonly faced when the business starts its operations.

It is not a Pre - Operation Help or a Company Foundation Program.

But rather, a post foundation structured support for the newly established / registered Businesses.

Cafe ImmiCo helps, in the initial demanding period, businesses to stay on track.


The projects aims to provide gratis support, worth €4000 per ImmiCos* by: (some conditions apply)

i) Solving first problems, help in project management, providing operation support & PR / marketing exposure

ii) Highlighting the achievements of the hidden gems

Benefits for minority entrepreneurs

• Twelve hours of free consulting service with a dedicated professional!

• Support in operation and implementation, 5-20 hours per week

• PR and marketing exposure

Expand business by connecting to industry, ‘buddy’ from same field of operation

• Opportunity to voice yourself to policy maker

• Access to potential business angel

• Recognition of you as high potential, hidden champion

Requirement / Issue to be solved

One of the founder of a young company - maximum 3 years old, in exceptional cases participant of a recognized startup program, having migrant background. Willingness to use (from own free contingent) twelve hours of WKW consultants hours. ImmiCo to have a real definable issue, namely;

• Problem solvable within a short period of time

• Requiring little financial outlay

• Action oriented solution, limited to one major goal

• Emphasis is on self-help through acquiring competence by working with professionals and by attending training

• The issues to be lobbied externally should go beyond the known, i.e. should be ones, which are not just a statement but can be solved in reasonable manner within a given time

• The progress should be quantifiable, having a control and evaluation element

Returns Expected from You

Café ImmiCo is an initiative, with a social element; it is free of charge for the migrant entrepreneurs, however, we expect that you will voluntarily return to the society by; 

• Mentoring future Cohorts

• Support / invest in future projects

• Give full commitment of your time for 2 months during the project

• Be Branding Ambassador for Café ImmiCo


Please be aware that the working language for video recording is ENGLISH, the consultation can occur in English / German. The recorded video material will be used for promotional purposes!


*) Immi = Immigrant; Co = Company



- Entrepreneur will be using own Vienna Chamber of Commerce funded hours.

- The project will refund the entrepreneur full cost including the self deduction of up to 12 hours, only VAT is to be borne by ImmiCo.